Game to enhance the Hunt for Easter Eggs

by Easter Bunny

O.K. guys, I really like this one, and I highly recommend doing it.

This idea first came as a suggestion to my from my brother-in-law. This year for your Hunt Egg gathering, do something completely different. Create a map. Not enough? Sure, maybe that alone isn’t the most original idea in the world. But how about creating a map out of a blank jigsaw puzzle, having the kids search for the puzzle pieces, and then following said map to the final, ultimate prize?

We first did this last year at home, and it was a major success. I’d say we had about 18 puzzle pieces for approximately six kids to find…so the math CAN work evenly. I’ll tell you what: those kids had so much fun thinking about the eventual full map that they forgot how competitive they like to be. It was fantastic. Usually – as many parents know – when there’s at least one boy and one girl around the same age, the competition is ridiculous. The boy simply needs to win or he’s going to be upset. At least that’s how it is around our house!

Anyway, try this out sometime. You certainly don’t need to purchase a blank puzzle or anything, although that is probably the “coolest” way, according to kids. Just use a huge piece of sturdy construction paper and be creative with the shapes. They’ll get it.

In my opinion, kids will remember things like this, and they’ll remember them forever. They’ll look back on like this and thank you for taking the time when they’re older.

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