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by Easter Bunny

Personalized Package From The Easter Bunny

The whole package of proof is waiting with YOUR CHILD’S NAME ON IT!

Each package contains the genuine personalized letter from the Easter

Bunny. Order now and your child will also receive the beautiful 2010 Autographed Easter Bunny illustration.

It’s even signed by the Easter Bunny!


Easter Purse Here’s a beautiful Easter gift that any little girl will love.

We’ve packed a plush “Love to Go” Plush Purse with a stuffed animal that makes noise, Keyring, Lotion, Tissue, and Lip Gloss.

She’ll love playing with the contents included and will carry the purse around with her own favorite items too.

Note that picture shows multiple examples and plush animal design will vary.


Easter Basket-1 Finally an Easter basket with some goodies AND some fun activity items for kids!

We’ve taken a blue basket and filled it to the brim with some delectable Easter treats including a bottle of candy bubbles, a plastic Easter egg full of Skittles candy, a Russell Stovers cream filled chocolate Easter egg, two mini bags of M & M Easter candies, a Milky Way nougat filled Easter egg, fluffy cotton candy, a foil-wrapped chocolate Easter bunny, six little chocolate Easter eggs covered in pastel foil, and an Easter candy-filled toy.

Note- Lining pictured is no longer included with the basket.

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